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Exterior Refurbishment & Insulation

As a park home owner, you are losing warmth & £££ through your floor!!
Sure-Seal can help YOU keep your WARMTH and SAVE you money by installing
Under-Floor Insulation

Sure-Seal uses “Superfoil” – multi-layer foil air bubble insulation, for it’s under-floor insulation projects. The aluminium surfaces are coated to give durability and protection against corrosion giving a waterproof insulation system to protect from the damp and the traditional wet English weather.

  • The very latest in insulation technology.
  • Helping to save money on your heating bills by protecting from drafts and heat-loss from your park home to the ground.
  • The aluminium layers helps to reflect radiant heat back into the Park Home, helping to keep it warmer in winter & cooler in the summer
  • Water pipes lagged using “Superfoil” to prevent damage through frozen pipes
  • Our work is guaranteed for 15 years and we ensure your full satisfaction
  • Works for NEW & OLD Park Homes.

You will feel the difference immediately. So much so, you will be turning DOWN your heating, helping you to save £££ on your energy bills!!!

Exterior refurbishment of your Park Home can enhance the appearance, weather-proof it against the harshest of weather conditions as well as insulate your Park Home to help reduce your fuel bills.

The first stage is to remove your old timber boardings and any rotten structural supports. Replacing them with new and specially treated support timbers and boardings.

We then add a layer of Insulation, using high quality, light-weight materials. The insulation will help to keep your Park Home cooler in the Summer, warmer in the Winter and help reduce your fuel bills.

Exterior Coating using PTC Coatings, a specially formulated coating for Park Homes and is highly weather proof whether you live in the countryside or at the coast in salty weather conditions. PTC comes in a variety of colours and finishes to compliment your Park Home. For more information, please click on our Exterior painting page

Sure Seal coats the Park Home with up to three coats of PTC to seal and water-proof against the elements and then uses several coats of special Silicone Spray Finish for additional weather-proofing.

Our exterior refurbishment programs can be customised for your specific requirements. You can be assured that once we have finished, you can enjoy your Park Home with very low maintence needed to ensure your home is weather-proofed for many years to come.

Removal of old boarding
Stripping old boardings and support timbers
New Boards
New boardings in place
Painting with a difference
Spray sealing
Thermographic picture
Thermographic picture showing the heat loss in Park Homes without adequate insulation
Thermgraphic Picture
Second image showing the reduced heat loss when insulation to the roof and walls are applied

All our work is guaranteed and finished, to the highest of standards. We are so sure of our workmanship that we do not ask for any money until the work is completed to your full satisfaction.


With Sure Seal, you can be assured to receive both a professional and competitive Park Home Refurbishment service. With a large, multi-skilled workforce, you can be certain that our projects are completed quickly, with the minimum of fuss, leaving you to relax and enjoy your new Park Home. For advice, please call us free phone on 0800 007 6182

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